Pleasant Touch Closing After Labor Day

Yes, it’s true the Yoga studio is again going through transition. I recently spoke with Gwen and she is overwhelmed with managing and overhead but her lease continues for another six months. She is interested in trying to use the space for that duration but can not guarantee the space will be available after that. A few ideas have been discussed but there seems to be no clear exit strategy for closing.

That being said, I am currently trying to find space for us to have class. I have been in touch with the Greenbelt Arts Center and the Mowatt Memorial Church and both seem to be entertaining the idea but it is not yet clear what they will charge for use of space. I also looked into teaching at the Community Center but they will not let me rent space for teaching unless I teach through the Recreation Department and the next available session does not start until January. I mentioned to those in class on Mon and Tues that I am willing to teach at my residence. I think I could accommodate 6 students comfortably and this would also make the classes cheaper.

In preparation for this transition lets explore the potential of me teaching from home this Friday. I invite you to my home from 7 – 8:15 pm for a $10 class. I plan on teaching the Yi Jin Jing and providing more instruction on the Yogic breath as well as including a longer meditation. Please email me for the address if you are interested.


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